A monthly HOLY MOLY membership program
for those who want the good stuff, the real thing:

That’s the dharma. Being in harmony with the world with spirit and allowing the natural order of things. That’s spiritual sexy right there. Mega mystical ancient spirituality and practice plus holding and growing their spiritual centre.

Here is your new headquarters for active soul seekers wanting to make a difference in themselves and in the world.

Finally, somewhere to go to keep your cup of consciousness full! ALL THE TIME!

We need to be in constant contact with the divine energy and be supported on our journey of awakening and be of loving service to the world. We just need someone, and somewhere we can go to get the best support, teaching grounding possible to be able to hold the grace that is always flowing through us and springboard from it in life.

This is the next best thing to working with me in my signature 12-month program!

Show up in this world as the mystical creative, loving being that you are! Express that external voice of yours full of wisdom and BE a student of consciousness. Let this work bring out your happiness, joy, peace.

Imagine this:

• Monthly themes

• Monthly mantras

• Weekly study group

• Weekly meditations

• Weekly live teachings from me

• Monthly group self-inquiry       sessions

• Weekly live Q&A and mentoring in a private Facebook group

• Ceremony

• Channelled wisdom

• Help with dharma and karma

• 24/7 support in the group with like-minded legends

• Guest speakers

*PLUS regular teachings on 

Kashmir Shaivism philosophy!

What the hell does that mean for you?

Staying in the TAO darling! Staying firmly on course with what matters - awakened living. That’s a She-Monk.

This is for you if you are not precious about what you have done in the past and want the best guidance and support and spiritual energy possible. You want to step up in life and play a more significant role but coming from the soul. Ha, the role from the soul. Funky. You want to do what really matters and move past the ego state of playing safe, playing small, playing out some old learned spiritual b.s. You secretly want the good s***. You don’t want mermaids and unicorns, and you don’t want to be told only the chosen few join the kingdom of heaven.  

None of that here!

Your own online ashram membership community with the original She-Monk Sally Lakshmi Thurley who spent decades doing the work with an ashram and still living her life in the world.  

You simply say, ‘God yes!’ and we will be in touch and get you started.

You want:

• Support

• Accountability

• Alignment

• Study group

• Teachings

• Friendship

• Mentoring

• Meditation

• Dharma

• Healing


Monthly membership - with a 3-month minimum start-up.

After that, you are free to come and go as you please.

We need to be around this stuff ALL THE TIME. Constantly. The world, our minds get to us and feed us a lot of b.s. that keeps us in a loop of stress, disconnection and negative mindsets and then we wonder why we aren’t where we are meant to and WANT to be.

I can’t have that!

I didn’t have that so why would I let you?

I had an ashram, I had a masterful teacher, I did the years, and the study and I am reaping the rewards. So can you!

Damn honey, you just need a good hit of Shakti (divine energy)!

And we can do it online! Sooo much better. Why did it take me so long to think of it??? Derr!

This is the MOFO spiritual group!


You get a committed mystic and spiritual teacher established in a bonafide non-dual eastern wisdom philosophy with the love and devotional teachings AND the dharma.

For f***’s sake! Do you have any idea how rare that is?

Dogma-free. Universal.

The original philosophy of consciousness. Oneness.

We get where we put our focus. We get what we put in. We get too sucked into the world or books and practices that don’t help long term.

We need community. We need support. We need to be held accountable for where we are in life and where we want to go.

  • Peace
  • Alignment
  • Shakti
  • Joy
  • Mystery
  • Burning the ego
  • Transformation
  • Better relationships
  • Better decisions
  • Greater magnetism
  • Better business
  • Knowing what to do next
  • Gaining faith and trust
  • Humbleness
  • Happiness

This really matters to me. I have it, I want you to have it. Peace, no matter what. Faith in the toughest of times and ability to return to the Self.

This is so awesome. I’m very VERY happy to be presenting and offering this to you.

Who is Sally Lakshmi Thurley?

“Life is one Epic Dharma.”

Total Dharma Queen, Sally Lakshmi Thurley is a mystic, yogini, spiritual teacher, and driven to create an enlightened society through spiritual leadership – wisdom, love and dharma and grace. She is a published author of the book the ‘She-Monk: Daily Life is the New Spiritual Practice’. She is establishing an avenue for spiritual women to be the new spiritual leaders and not defined by a restriction of historical context or society expectations- the new teachers, visionaries and healers; a decent spirituality that's b.s. free, clean, real, practical, sacred.

 After spending decades studying and living non-dual Eastern wisdom spiritual practice and philosophy with an ashram, Sally has learned how to merge spiritual practice, self-awareness, personal development and service to humanity through Dharma as a soul brand. She also has her own spiritual awakening and learning centre the Self Knowledge Sangha and has recently launched her own yoga – Spandshakti Yoga.

Join up now, enjoy the grace.

Om Shanti xxx

"Sally Lakshmi Amma Thurley is a trained Shiva Process Facilitator and meditation teacher with a speciality in Self-inquiry. Not only has she completed the formal teacher training in both disciplines but she has many years of practical experience in the field.

She is an experienced and compassionate teacher and transformational coach. Her teaching work is based on 20 years of authentic inner work. Accordingly, she carries the spiritual energy of her tradition and has an extremely positive and life-affirming impact. She does excellent work and is capable of helping many people."

Mahamandaleshwar Swami


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